Robot Cing

Open source,easy to use robot for learning robotics created by Robot Cing Team.

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What is robot Cing?

Robot Cing is educational tool designed to inspire people learning how to code and show them how to breath life and real personality into their own robot. Robot Cing is loaded with tons of sensors allowing you to build thousands of robots for example line followers. User does not need any knowlage about electronics because Robot Cing can be progammed using libraries which take care of heavy lifting in background. Combine it with learning materials and you will get robot which can be programmed by anybody.


Easy to program

Robot Cing has 3 levels of programming.

  • Programming using Cing Libraries
  • Programming using Arduino IDE enviroment
  • Programming using AVR language
  • Take your first steps into the written code. Perfect for students who already know the basics of programming and even those who are completely new to coding.

    Modular design

    Robot Cing has modular design. It has got a lot of sensors and modules which are protected against wrong insertation.

    Arduino board manager and Arduino Libraries

    We have developed a custom board manager for Robot Cing so users can upload their code from Arduino IDE. We have also created libraries which simplify programming. Users can download our libraries with the Arduino library manager.

    Learning materials

  • Teachers love the excellent and free Robot Cing learning materials
  • No prior code experience necessary for students or teachers
  • Ideal for classroom instructions and workshops
  • Suitable for ages 8+ and younger if accompanied by an adult
  • Lego compatibile

    Robot Cing can use following lego EV3 sensors:

    • Lego Color Sensor

    We are constantly adding new sensors.

    Robot Cing - Learn to code with this entry level robot

    Robot Cing is perfect for kids, students, and adults taking their very first steps into the written programming code. If you already know Scratch then you're ready to move on writing your own code. You'll learn the basics of the C language in an easy, non-complicated way.

    Teachers and educators love our free lessons. They make it easy to learn on your own or lead classes and workshops, even if the teacher is new to coding as well.

  • Easy to follow lesson series
  • Learn basic C programming while teaching Robot Cing to do fun things
  • Ideal for classroom instruction and workshops
  • Basic smarts for light seeking, line following, and barrier detection
  • Programmed using popular (and free!) Arduino coding environment​